What is Reversal Therapy

Reversal therapy consists of:

1. Vigorous cholesterol lowering by

1. Low Fat diet
2. Lipid active drugs - basically STATINS, like Lovastatin / Simvostatin / Atorvastatin
3. Control of Hypertension
4. Smoking abstinence
5. Other life style, modifications

Effect of reversal therapy:

1.Plaque composition favourly changes so that there is less chance of blockage of coronary artery
2.There is modest improvement of anatomic severity
3.Inner lining of artery, known as endothelium is tuned to produce beneficial bio-chemicals
4.There is increased flow of blood in the artery
5.Deposition of cholesterol plaque may be regressed in some cases
6.Symptoms are decreased

These facts are now well established in recent scientific studies.

Please follow these instructions which are basis of 

1. Low Fat Diet

'Margaret Thatcher (The Independent, 1987) told - " I want to buy some real farmhouse butter, some real farmhouse eggs and some clotted cream - and I am not going to listen to those dietary faddist who say don't eat it. But here you are advised to take care of your diet if you want to prevent heart attack:
Avoid butter, hard margine, whole milk, cream, ice cream, high fat cheese, fatty meats, and poultry, sausages, pastries, coffee whitener, products containing hydrogenated oils , palm oil and coconut oil. Do not use oils like kardi oil (Saffola) or sunflower oil etc. These vegetable oils due to high N-6 fat are dangerous - makes Insulin useless and there is increased tendency to clot formation. Fats rich in N-3 like Mustard oil, Fish & Fish oil, Soya bean oil are beneficial for heart. Take plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables ,germinated gram, lentils & unrefined cereal foods. Eat Fish twice a week. Change milk to skimmed /semi-skimmed milk. Maintain sensible alcohol limit.

2. Lipid active drugs

Take advice of your doctor. Statin group of drugs have revolutionised the therapeutic scene. Many studies now advocate for use of these drugs for primary prevention. After you get the problem, statins must be started in usual dosage. Some of the drugs are: Lovastatin - (Lostatin) Simvostatin (Zosta), Atorvastatin (Atorva, Aztor)

3.Other measures

1. Control Of Hypertension - Very Important
2. Changing People habit Elicit motivation, Ascertain health belief, Identify unhealthy influences, Persuation, Planning and 
specific recommendation --- Cassation of smoking --- Improving Exercise---Sensible drinking --- Strict control of Diabetes --- Use of Antioxidants --- Get your Lipid Profile at an early date. If Cholesterol /TG /HDL /LDL etc are not normal--- start taking appropriate measures soon.

Fore more details and your specific problems contact :

Dr. N.K.Singh
Diabetes and Heart Research Centre
Shramik Chowk, Rangatand
Jharkhand, INDIA

Phone. : 91-326-2203340 / 09431122340
email. :


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