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What you need to know

I know it will be very difficult to adopt following measures. We are in modern era with very GHATIA life style.
You are impressed with TV Ads. But these are all nonsense. Once you start 'Satyavic' life style of Gita, you will feel real joy of life...

Here I tell you the hard facts...

Your diet is faulty-correct it immediately

All these so called fast food is dangerous. You are so frequently taking Fatty, refined, processed and preserved foods in restaurant. You are so frequently taking Samosas / Bhajias / Wada / Pav / Chole bhature / Pizza / Rumali roti / cakes / pastries / chocolates / cold drinks / Ice cream / desserts ...

You do not know what oil and what preservatives are being used in these items. All these bloody uncle chips / and different potato chips are being taken just for fun. This life style which is called modern way of living is being advocated from school days and it denotes : HAMBURGER COLA CULTURE.

But all these items are pro-oxidant and generates lot of free radicals [toxins] in the body, slowly free radicals damage the working of insulin and give rise to diabetes. This is not a Kapol Kalpana but now proved scientifically.

You must take plenty of fresh fruits / grains / legumes / vegetables / curd

EAT fish regularly

Enquire, what your mummy is using as cooking media. Throw away all these vegetable oils : Safflower, kardi, corn, sunflower, til, ground oil & vanaspati. Due to faulty N-3/N-6 ratio there will be Insulin resistance and increased tendency for clot formation in the blood.

Tell you mummy to use only Mustard oil / soyabean oil / coconut oil / fish oil and ghee. Avoid 3 white items : 1. Sugar  2. Salt  3. Maida & products made from it.

Another major step you take

You have learnt yoga/ aerobic exercises/ swimming/ tennis/ badminton only to pass examination in the school. You go to your home, only watch TV or chat on Internet...Lanat hai ! you forget all physical exercises and adopt a sedentary life style from your youth days. I predict, you will soon develop diabetes.

It is a dangerous game to say that there is no time to do exercise.

Bhai - make it a golden rule- Ek Ghanta Desh ko do, Ek Ghanta Deh ko do.

Forget all urgent engagements. Do exercise regularly. Exercise improves function of Insulin and will prevent many diseases.