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Diabetes literally means a siphon ,a condition known to ancient physicians and described as a melting down of the flesh and limbs into urine

Diabetes is a metabolic abnormality in which the body is unable to utilise the glucose for its energy requirements. When you eat food ,after digestion carbohydrates is absorbed into blood as glucose, protein as amino acids fat as fatty acids.

On the left side Pancreas Gland has been shown. INSULIN is secreted from here

For the cells to be able to use these substances it is essential to have the hormone called INSULIN in the blood. Insulin is secreted from beta cells of a gland known as Pancreas. INSULIN IS THE KEY WHICH OPENS THE DOOR SO THAT GLUCOSE CAN ENTER INTO THE CELL for energy production. Naturally if there is deficiency of insulin due to less production or insulin is defective [Insulin Resistance, it means that whatever insulin is there is not working due to poor quality] glucose goes on accumulating in blood [known as hyperglycemia] but cells are starved of glucose. This gives rise to a condition we call 'DIABETES MELLITUS'.