Linux Web Server Manual (version 3.5)

1. General Account Information

    What are the files in my account ?
    How do I change my Ftp, Telnet and Pop Account Password ?
    How do I change my Frontpage and PowerMail Control Panel Passwords ?
    How do I upload my files ? Any software available ?
    Do I have Secured Shell Access (SSH) ? How should I use it ?
    Where do I put my cgi scripts? and How do I access it ?
2. E-mail System

    How do I setup Email Aliasing, Email Redirection and Auto Responders ?   
    How do I check my emails ?
    Which Software can I use to download emails ?
    How to add more Pop Mail boxes ?

3. CGI Scripts
    a) Information and Guidelines

    What are cgi-bin scripts?
    Where should I put cgi-bin scripts?

Paths to Date, Mail, Perl, Sendmail  etc.
Setting Permissions
Troubleshooting CGI-bin Problems
Permissions on pre-installed scripts we provide

    b) Preconfigured Scripts Manual


    Free-for-All Links Page
    WWW Bulletin Board
    Personal Site Search Engine
    Text Based Database scripts
    Page Counters
    Password protected web pages  

4. Counters and Web Statistics

    How do I use Counters on my website ?
    Can I install my own counter scripts ?
    How do I access my Web statistics ?
    Can I access web statistics - Raw log files ?
    How do I get my web report by email ?

5. Secured Server Access (SSL)

    How can I activate Secured Server Access (SSL) for Credit card transaction ?

6. Misc

    How can I password protect my webpages ?
    Can I point another domain to the same website of mine?
    What DNS servers do I use to register new domains ?
    Can I have MX-Record changed for my domain name ?

7. Basic UNIX commands

If you have any questions, or if you find any bugs please contact